August 2013 President’s Message

I was looking out the window ready for leaves, green grass, lawn mowers, etc. in the last Newsletter. Now I am looking out the window at all the things that need to be done. All of it will have to wait. Greetings to all the MRTA family. Please be cautious and safe with the summer heat.

The past several months have been an exciting time for the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation (MRTF). It is important that we get information out across the state about Foundation activities. We need to get this information all the way down to the Local Unit level. I was able to attend eight Regional meetings since October 2012. MRTA President Hargens and MRTA Director Kreider spoke about the Foundation in the other Regional meetings. I have encouraged all MRTF Board members to speak about Foundation activities when they have the opportunity.

It is very encouraging to see the interest expressed and the generosity given to the Foundation in these meetings. THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE MRTA FAMILY. Response to the year end “ASK LETTERS” of 2012 was better than ever. The MAILING LABEL CAMPAIGN last April was likewise very successful. Attention is now being turned toward the SILENT AUCTION to be held at the September Annual Meeting in Jefferson City. A Silent Auction flyer was included in the mailing to MRTA/MRTF Board Members and Local Unit Presidents for the Fall Annual Meeting. The Silent Auction has been a successful fundraising activity at the Fall Annual Meeting. Please review the flyer in the mailing and in this issue of the Newsletter on Page 11. All proceeds from the Silent Auction will go to the MRT Foundation Classroom Grant Program. We encourage members of both Boards (MRTA/MRTF) and all MRTA Local Units to participate. SPECIAL THANKS to Jan Powers and Veronica Hambacker for being Co-Chairs of the Silent Auction this year. Contact either Jan, Veronica, or the MRTAofficeifyouhaveanyquestionsabout the auction. Their contact information is on the flyer.

The Foundation Board was able to give one (1) five hundred dollar ($500) classroom grant to each of the fourteen (14) MRTA Regions in 2012. The Board voted in December of 2012 to set a goal of issuing two (2) classroom grants per region in 2013. We will be able to do that because of YOUR GENEROSITY with Foundation fundraising activities. The Board will meet again this coming September.

I hope to be able to ask the Board to increase it to three (3) classroom grants per MRTA Region. The success of the 2013 Silent Auction will HELP MAKE THIS POSSIBLE.

Please remember that the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation (MRTF) is a not-for- profit organization incorporated under the State of Missouri and approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax-exempt. On behalf of the MRT Foundation Board, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Fall Meeting, September 9-10, 2013. THREE GRANTS PER REGION WOULD BE A TOTAL OF $21,000.

Walter Cochran — MRTF President

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