August 2017 – MRTF President’s Message

MRTA’s BEST Public Relations Tool

Hey, want to get the word out? Ask retired school personnel to help!!!

In 2016, MRTF received 251 applications for our 70 available $500 grants. This year, we received 461 applications for our 84 available $500 grants. WOW!!!! We REALLY got the word out!! That means more active Missouri school personnel know about us and they are learning what we can do for them and education in our state.

The 14 regional grant committees will be meeting soon (if they haven’t met already). We’ll soon be making 84 teachers around the state very happy with a $500 MRTF grant check. But what about the 377 that don’t receive a grant? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make ALL of them happy, too? To do that we would obviously need more money. One source for that money is coming up at the MRTA Annual Meeting, September 12 & 13 – the MRTF Silent Auction! Please participate as a donor AND as a bidder. The money raised ALL goes to the MRTF Classroom Grant program and moves us closer to funding all of the grant requests we get – making a lot more Missouri educators very happy.

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