May 2018 MRTF President’s Message

As I write, today is Teacher Appreciation Day. We all claim to appreciate our current teachers, but what do we do to show that appreciation? What are our options?????

Say “Thank You!”

Take treats to school for teachers.

Share the MRTF grant application (it’s at it’s due June 30).

Take flowers to school, after all its May (you know…the month of flowers)!

Make a donation to MRTF so that more grants can be awarded to more teachers.

Say thank you on Facebook and tag your current teacher friends.

Buy your best current teacher friend an MRTA associate’s membership.

Write a letter of support of teachers and public education for your local paper.

Talk to your local Superintendents (tell them thank you) and share the MRTF grant application with them (it’s at and its due June 30).

Buy the janitor, secretary, bus driver, nurse, para or other PEERS member an MRTA associate’s membership.

Like the MRTA, MRTF and your local unit pages on Facebook and share the posts from those pages.

Volunteer at a public school.

Make a donation to MRTF’s grant fund in honor of a current teacher or school employee.

Keep informed on how current legislation will affect public education AND “write” your elected officials.

What else can you think of?

I think that the best way to appreciate them is to let them know that they are not alone. There are 27,000+ MRTA members out there rooting for them, supporting and appreciating them and offering 98 – $500 classroom this August in support of all that they do for the children of Missouri.


Karen Miller 

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