May 2014 President’s Message

This is the BEST time of the entire year. Flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and the cold temperatures are gone. The only negative would be those springtime allergies and related problems. Please consider yourself fortunate if you were able to escape them.

Greetings to all the MRTA family across the state. I am reminded of a word that many young people use frequently. “AWESOME.” Everything seems to be awesome in their conversations. This is a very “EXCITING AND AWESOME” time for the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation (MRTF). I would like to inform you about the progress on a couple of AWESOME Foundation projects.

The MRT Foundation Board is extremely proud of the CLASSROOM GRANT PROGRAM. Each Classroom Grant ever given has been for $500. The total number of Grants given since 2004 is 95 grants totaling $47,500. The number of grants awarded in recent years has increased significantly. 2009—5 grants, 2010—7 grants, 2011—14 grants, 2012—14 grants, and 2013—42 grants. Each MRTA Region received 3 grants in 2013. The Foundation will be able to award another forty-two $500 Classroom Grants in 2014 (3 per each of the 14 MRTA Regions). The success of the Grant Program is only possible because of YOUR GENEROSITY with Foundation fundraising activities. “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.” The application process for 2014 grants has been in full swing since April 1st. The deadline for applications is a postmark of June 30. Selections will be made and checks presented about the time school starts.

Next, let me review the status on the Foundation fundraising campaign for the ELEVATOR in the MRTA/MRTF Office Facility. Remember, the Foundation Board voted to launch the fundraiser for the ELEVATOR CAMPAIGN in September of 2013. The elevator was shipped the week of May 12th. Installation occurring the week of May 19th. It is very possible the installation will be complete by the time you receive this Newsletter. We have encouraged Local Units to make cash donations or purchase a Patio Brick in honor of the Local Unit. We have encouraged MRTA members statewide to do the same. WE HAVE ROUNDED THIRD BASE AND ARE HEADED FOR HOME PLATE. ALMOST THERE. We are $18,300 short of completing the elevator fundraiser.

MRTA Director Kreider and the MRTA Board of Directors are planning on using the lower level CLASSROOM area more and more as time goes on. This will save a lot of money that can be used for member services. An elevator will help meet the mobility needs of many of our members. The elevator will help every MRTA member from all Local Units across the state as they come for leadership training sessions and meetings. There have been many MRTA/MRTF fundraisers over the years to raise money, build, and pay off the mortgage for our wonderful Office Facility. It is a million dollar facility. Surely we can reach HOME PLATE and complete the much needed ELEVATOR CAMPAIGN for this wonderful facility that serves you so well.

The MAILING LABEL CAMPAIGN will help us reach HOME PLATE. This is a major fundraiser for the Foundation. MRTA members across the state received the labels in mid-April. Please consider a donation today so the Foundation does not have to borrow the money to complete the elevator project. The elevator WILL BE installed.

On behalf of the MRT Foundation Board, THANK YOU AGAIN for your past and continuing support of our fundraising activities. MRTA folks are the BEST and can be very proud of what you have accomplished for retired educators in Missouri.

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