January 2015 President’s Message

GREETINGS to all of the MRTA family from the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation (MRTF).It is my sincere wish that you survived Christmas and New Years in good health.

The beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect on the year passed. Briefly, I would like to mention a couple of things. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family of Bill Ray. Bill passed away in late November of 2014. His contributions to MRTA and MRTF stretched over many years. Bill was serving on the Foundation Board of Directors at the time of his death. His last contribution was to help with the Silent Auction at the Annual Meeting last September. Second, because of your CARING AND GENEROSITY, 2014 was a tremendous success for the Foundation. We were able to give forty-two (42) $500 Classroom Grants. The Silent Auction had the most items and raised the most money in the history of this event. A significant amount of money was raised for the elevator. THE ELEVATOR IS INSTALLED AND PAID FOR!

The Foundation Board of Directors would like to inform you of a few decisions made at the annual meeting last December.

It is my pleasure to announce two new members to the Foundation Board of Directors. Mary Ridge will represent Region 4. John Moyer will represent Region 12. Welcome to both Mary and John. It is my goal to have representation on the Board from each of the fourteen (14) MRTA Regions. We are getting close.

  1. The number of Classroom Grants for each MRTA Region will be increased from three (3) to four (4) Grants in 2015. This will be a total of fifty-six (56) $500 Grants in 2015. One (1) more Grant per Region will be given if funds become available in the Spring.
  2. The MRTF Website is undergoing a much needed update. The design will be more aesthetic, easier to use, and is expected to increase member interest in the MRTF arm of the Association.
  3. Plans are being made to have MRTF representation at every MRTA Region meeting in the future. It is important to let the entire MRTA family know about the Foundation and the work that it does.
  4. The Donor Recognition Wall (Wall of Honor) is in the process of being updated. Many donors were able to go from one level to another because of donations to the elevator fund or classroom grants. Much more information will be given at Region meetings about the levels on the Wall and ways to contribute to the Foundation. The Wall is located at the MRTA/MRTF Office Facility.
  5. Karen Miller and Jan Powers will Co-Chair the Silent Auction at the Annual Meeting next September. The last Silent Auction was very successful. We have a RECORD TO BREAK in terms of the number of items and money raised ($9,000).

On behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors,

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOU GENEROSITY in supporting our fundraising activities. We look forward to your continued support in the future. The next fundraiser will be the Mailing Label Campaign in April. Please support us in this effort as we work toward MRTF Classroom Grants, MRTF Building Improvement/ Maintenance Fund, and the MRTF Endowment Fund.

The hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of the Foundation Board of Directors is remarkable. What a pleasure to work with them. One of our members is ROSEMARY BANE. On January 15 Rosemary celebrated her 90th Birthday! A beautiful reception was held for her in Springfield, what a wonderful celebration it was. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSEMARY!

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