August 2018 MRTF President’s Message

Thank you!!! Thank you for all that you did this last year to make the 98 – $500 grants that MRTF is in the process of awarding possible. You have made the day of 98 Missouri public school teachers, maybe even their year. There is no way to tell how many students your 98 grants are affecting. On behalf of those 98 teachers and their students – THANK YOU!!!!

How are we going to top that $49,000 in grants? We’ll have to work hard. The Silent Auction is coming up at the Annual Meeting in September. Is there an item you can donate? Will there be an item you just need to buy? Can you make a cash donation; can your unit? Can your unit have a fundraiser sometime during the year? If we set a goal for 2019 to give 8 – $500 grants in each of our 14 MRTA regions we’ll need to raise $56,000. Can we do it?? What can you do to help?

So as you put your thinking caps on (teachers are very inventive), I’m going to thank you again. Thank you for giving a student something interesting to read on their own level. Thank you for adding to the technology a school has to use. Thank you for providing materials to help build a greenhouse so urban kids can get their hands dirty. Thank you for providing seating that helps a student focus. Thank you … I can go on… and on. YOU make it all possible! THANK YOU!!!


Karen Miller
MRTF President

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