November 2017

Treats for Missouri Public School Teachers!!!

Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat is a “children’s” Halloween tradition of asking for treats door to door under threat of playing tricks on those that refuse.

Let’s ask the question this way – who hasn’t been trick or treating?

What did you dress up as? A gypsy, an airline stewardess, a cowboy, a baseball player, a pirate, a nurse, A TEACHER? I think my favorite costume was a knight. My mom made me a helmet out of poster board, it had a visor attached with brads so it would go up and down, we painted it silver. Funny, I don’t remember much else about the costume.

But no matter what you (or I) were as a child, maybe this year, you should ALL dress as HEROES!

HEROES??? Yep, heroes!!! YOU, through the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation grant program, have donated over $161,000 in grants to current Missouri public school teachers since 2012!! That’s over 322 grants distributed among our 14 regions. Twenty-three teachers in your region have benefited from this program – do you know one of them or at least their district? YOU did this! You helped 84 teachers this fall, purchase items that their school district couldn’t. If you helped 84 teachers, how many students did you touch? How many students are now reading a book at the level they needed and that interests them? How many fidgety kids are now using flexible seating and staying focused? How many smart, but socially immature kids are playing games and learning to share, say “please” and work as a team as they strategize?

YOU “treated” these teachers and students! How many more can you “treat” in the future? That answer depends on your generosity. Dust off that Wonder Woman or Superman cape and donate at least $10 to the upcoming MRTF fundraiser – the “Year End Ask.” What if all 27,000 MRTA members donated at least $10? The “treats” from YOUR MRTF would just keep on flowing in 2018! Visit if you would like to make a donation.

Put on that heroes’ cape, and be proud because YOU are a HERO to all of the teachers and students in Missouri that have benefited from YOUR MRTF grant program!

I’ve got a new favorite costume because I’m Proud to Be a Hero!!!

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